Illustration by Jesse Hawley

Illustration by Jesse Hawley

Written by Eugene O’Neill
Lead Artists: Katie Rose McLaughlin, Julia Sirna-Frest, Yuris Skujins, and Jeanette Yew

HERE Arts Center | June 2 – 25 2016 |
*Special Marathon Performances | June 11 & 18 ONLY!
145 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10013

To push our O’Neill exploration forward with a bang, our 2016 Lab program presents a radical new approach to THE ICEMAN COMETH, with four diverse theater artists each tackling a separate act of the play. This fresh take on O’Neill’s classic will allow audiences to see each act as a separate experiment, all four together as a unified whole, or both. Lead Artists include Julia Sirna-Frest (actor / director), Katie Rose McLaughlin (choreographer), Yuris Skujins (actor), and Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew (lighting/projection designer, director, puppeteer).

ACT I | June 2, 4, 11*, 17, & 18*
Lead Artist: Julia Sirna-Frest
Shane Chapman and Julia Sirna-Frest present a song cycle that meanders through disCHORDant changes and sing to the sweet oblivion that is life as a listless drunken human. The White Stripes, Eugene O’Neill and Funkadelic walk into a bar and drink and sing themselves in to an obliterated raucous life affirming musical explosive stupor. A song cycle with a shot of the real.

ACT II | June 3, 4, 11*, 16, & 18*
Lead Artist: Yuris Skujins
Bleak beautiful horrible visions haunt this downbeat birthday celebration. Fraught wicked partygoers mull and defend and deny their weak standing under their even weaker circumstances. Lights shining at ends of dark tunnels are hazily glimpsed, then lost to these delirious booze-soaked rallying souls. Offstage brawling and frightful dialects hint at promising theatricality.

ACT III | June 6, 11*, 18*, 22, & 24
Lead Artist: Katie Rose McLaughlin
Exits and entrances. Characters turned inside out. Internal psychodrama repurposed into constant physical movement. Six female dancers play O’Neill’s fourteen barflies in a highly choreographed study of existential dread, rising to the occasion and falling back down again.

ACT IV | June 10, 11*, 18*, 23, & 25
Lead Artist: Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew
An audio and live action puppetry animation journey into the sobering minds of the wax figures who were once proud and ambivalent drunks at Harry Hope’s bar. Tomorrow is now. The poetry of the language will be the lens for which the tragedy and redemption unfolds and becomes universal.


The TMT Lab offers smaller, fully produced productions and has enlisted the talents of over 1,000 theater artists since 1993. At the helm of each production is a Lead Artist- whether that person is a director, actor, writer, designer, or puppeteer, we believe anyone can drive a piece! We curate each season’s Lab under an overarching theme. We then work with each Lead Artist to find the right source material, and from then on they are provided a stipend, budget, artistic resources and, most importantly, the freedom to shape their work.

If you are an artist interested in getting involved with the TMT Lab, please email for more details.

Ticket Info

June 2 – 25, 2016

145 6th Avenue
Spring St. (C,E)

Individual ACTS | Tickets $18.00
Marathon Performances | Tickets $60

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