The Seagull

Seagull 2 photo by Jamey O'Quinn

February 24 – March 20, 1999
@ The Ohio Theater

By Anton Chekhov
Translated by Erika Warmbrunn

Directed by David Herskovits

All told with the finest Russian literary artistry. The histrionic skill and expressive gifts of the Target Margin Theater’s ensemble will bring Mr. Chekhov’s celebrated characters to their full flower. The soul of this great play is nothing less than the soul of art itself. We offer you a very window into the heart of an aging actress, the mind of a literary icon, and the fondest aspirations of the ingenue!

With Will Badgett, Beresford Bennett, Nicole Halmos, Gretchen Krich, Lenore Pemberton, Steven Rattazzi, Greg Sargeant, T. Ryder Smith, Raphael Nash Thompson and Carolyn Vujee

Set Design by Marsha Ginsberg,
Costumes by Kay Voyce,
Sound Consultant Tim Schellenbaum,
Sound Associate Mimi Epstein,
Lighting Design by Lenore Doxsee,
Dramaturg Floraine Kay,
Production Stage Manger Al Einstman,
Technical Director Roy Ballard,
Assistant Stage Manager George T. Kastrinos,
Assistant Directors Susana Gellert & Frank Hundley

Photo by Jamey O`Quinn