OLD COMEDY from Aristophanes’ Frogs

May 7-31, 2008
Presented by Classic Stage Company

By David Greenspan
Directed by David Herskovits

With Purva Bedi, Davina Cohen, Charlie Hudson III, Michael Levinton, Derek Lucci, Pedro Pascal, Tina Shepard & Anthony Mark Stockard

Athens 405…New York 2008. In one era, out another. Get yourself a poet for chrissake!
In this play, Aristophanes’ heroes search for a poet because the state itself needs guidance. Only the poets know what can be done to save it, and what kind of leadership speaks to us meaningfully today. These questions extend to the larger cultural and political life of our country. In the end, Old Comedy from Aristophanes’ Frogs gives us the opportunity to reflect on our own culture’s loss of an apparent center


Photos by Joe Dore