Buy your $100 TMT Season Membership and receive tickets to all TMT shows during our season of Gertrude Stein.

This includes:

  • Two tickets to all 6 TMT LAB shows @ The Bushwick Starr in January/February 2015
  • Two tickets to all 4 TMT LAB shows @ the Connelly Theater in May/June 2015
  • Two tickets to a one-man show conceived and performed by David Greenspan @ the Connelly Theater in May/June 2015
  • Priority seating to all free events, including the very limited run of a piece by David Herskovits in January 2015
  • Invitations to readings, workshops and other special events

Then, during the season, we’ll send you reminders about our shows. To redeem your tickets, just call us or email us. And you can always change the date you choose to attend. It’s easy.

photo: Objects Lie on a Table, courtesy Jamey O’Quinn


If you are interested in becoming a member, you can either

or contact us at (718) 398-3095 or

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