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Wow, it’s been an incredible five weeks of Stein Stein all the Time at The Bushwick Starr.

If you missed out, never fear, we have more Stein coming your Way in May, including a new one-man show by David Greenspan.

But first, we’re having a party – our annual benefit dinner is March 3rd, hosted by playwright and friend of TMT, David Henry Hwang.

Winsome Brown in Erik Satie/If I Told Him/Erik Satie, Lead Artist Adam R. Burnett. Photo by Erik Carter.



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Meet our 2015 Institute fellows! We're honored to play around with and learn from five excellent artists. 
TargetMargin Theater  @targetmargin
TMT is so thankful to all our Lab artists for six great shows of #GertrudeStein! Grand adventures of language and play. More in the Spring! 
TargetMargin Theater  @targetmargin
Come make theater with us--today @ 2:00 @BushwickStarr , Stein, TMT and friends all make something together! Or see our FREE showing @ 7:30! 

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