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In Brooklyn. In Manhattan. Stein is in. In season, all season.

You’ll find no writer more challengingly experimental, more playfully child-like.

This Winter, in residence at The Bushwick Starr, the TMT Stein Lab will feature Lead Artists Nic Adams, Adam Burnett, Nikki Colange, Nehassaiu deGannes, Aaron Ethan Green and Megan Hill. Also keep a look out for a brief but evocative as ever turn by David Herskovits.

In the Spring at the Connelly Theater, the TMT Stein Lab will feature Lead Artists John Del Gaudio, Sarah Lurie, Handan Ozbilgin and Patrick Scheid. We will also present a show conceived of and performed by David Greenspan that weaves together several of Stein’s most famous lectures on art and literature. A Target Margin Associated Artist, David has been seen in our productions of The (*) Inn, Faust and The Argument and authored Old Comedy.

Do you have the curiosity of a scholar and the spirit of a child? or is that, the spirit of a scholar and the curiosity of a child? All of the above. Be sure to join us this season.

“The only thing that is different from one time to another is what is seen and what is seen depends upon how everybody is doing everything.”
- Gertrude Stein, Composition as Explanation, 1926


AAAANNNNDDD, we are in the midst of our Fall Appeal. Grants and ticket sales only cover a portion of our annual budget. We depend on the individual generosity of generous individuals like you. Please make a donation.

Gertrude Stein at Her Desk ca. 1936.



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