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First, Gertrude Stein. We read the writings of Gertrude Stein and we have loved reading the writings of Gertrude Stein because they are funny and fun and they are like thinking and we do like thinking and fun together.

Next many artists. Many artists work with Target Margin Theater and they think and read and have fun. Each artist has her own way and his own way but they also all of them also share our Target Margin way. And that is exciting because Target Margin Theater is bigger and many more people share our way in their own way.

Then our audience. When we make a play we like to make the play a reading thinking fun sort of play. We like our audience to have fun and thinking. That way we can make the world a place where reading and thinking and fun happen all the time for everyone.

Join us. Bring with you the spirit and curiosity of a Scholar Child.

This Winter, in residence at The Bushwick Starr, the TMT Stein Lab will feature Lead Artists Nic Adams, Adam Burnett, Nikki Colange, Nehassaiu deGannes, Aaron Ethan Green and Megan Hill. Also keep a look out for a brief but evocative as ever turn by David Herskovits.

In the Spring at the Connelly Theater, the TMT Stein Lab will feature Lead Artists John Del Gaudio, Sarah Lurie, Handan Ozbilgin and Patrick Scheid. We will also present Composition…Master-Pieces…Identity, a show conceived of and performed by TMT Associated Artist David Greenspan.

AND to top it all off, we have a series of SPECIAL FREE EVENTS.


Grants and ticket sales only cover a portion of our annual budget. We depend on the individual generosity of generous individuals like you. Please make a donation.


Portrait of Gertrude Stein by Noah Scalin/Another Limited Rebellion



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