@ Abrons Arts Center

Directed by David Herskovits

With Ugo Chukwu, Rachel Claire, Amir Darvish, David Greenspan, Susan Hyon, Meg MacCary, Julia Sirna-Frest, J.H. Smith III, Sam T. West.

The shtetl turns uncanny in Hirschbein’s classic of Yiddish life. You might be expecting the farm life, the chicken-plucking and the arranged marriage, but not the S&M lust and the body-snatching wedding guests. The ( * ) Inn was an early touchstone for experimental theater in Yiddish, a sensation in Vilna, in London and in a 1917 New York production. This play is a perfect example of why we at TMT believe Yiddish drama is as innovative and challenging as any in the world. It’s Tevye on drugs. Watch out.


Photos by Erik Carter