Strictly Dishonorable Photo by Jamey O'Quinn

August 27 – September 20, 1997
@ The Vineyard Theater

By Preston Sturges
Directed by David Herskovits

Snappy dialogue, hilarious twists, bootleg liquor and opera crooners. It’s screwball comedy in classic style. And there’s enough sex, booze, and race in this love story to shock a longshoreman! See the play that made Sturges a sensation in 1929

With Andrew Dolan, Patricia Dunnock, Devid Letwin, Mary Neufeld, Steven Rattazzi, Jeffrey Ricketts, Greig Sargeant, and Yuri Skujins

Set & Lighting Design by Lenore Doxsee,
Costumes by David Zinn,
Sound by Wayne Frost,
Stage Mangers K. Kennedy Tobin & Josh Reynolds,
Assistant Stage Manager Al Eistman,
Assistant Director Brian Bauman,
Props Jeff Tapnick,
Assistant Set Design Shannon Rednour

Photo by Jamey O`Quinn