Mother Courage

April 11 – February 12, 1996
@ The Ontological Theater and St. Mark’s Chruch

By Bertolt Brecht
Translated by Ralph Manheim
Original score composed by Thomas Cabaniss
Directed by David Herskovits

Target Margin’s mission statement posits that theatre achieves truth “most powerfully by (its) divergence from a strict illustration of reality,” an artistic ethos well-wed to Brecht’s Epic Theatre of alienation with its style of intellectual detachment and study of human behavior.”- John Michael Koroly

With Mary Neufeld as Mother Courage, Will Badgett, Caroline Clay, David Eye, Nicole Halmos, James Hannaham, Guieseppe Jones, Casey McDonald and Maggie Vandegrift

Lighting Design by Lenore Doxsee,
Costumes by David Zinn,
Set Design by Erika Belsey,
Dramaturg Douglas Langworthy,
Production Stage Manager Thomas K. Wallerich,
Assistant Director Gretchen Griffin,
Assistant Lighting Designer Mark Barton,
Production Assistant Robert Davenport & Jonathan Silverstein,
Graphic Designer Jennifer Woodward

Photo by Jamey O`Quinn