January 16-February 3, 2007 at The Ohio Theater

Directed by David Herskovits

With Satya Bhabha, Mia Katigbak, Mary Neufeld, Tina Shepard & Stephanie Weeks

The city of Argos has been destroyed in a war with Thebes. When the Thebans refuse to return the bodies of the enemy soldiers for burial, the mothers of the Argive generals appeal to Athens to help retrieve them; Adrastus the general who led the failed attack joins them in their plea. Though Theseus, leader of Athens, initially rejects them, his mother Aethra takes the suppliants’ part, and he is swayed. Theseus counters the arguments of a Theban Herald, battles the Thebans, brings back the decaying corpses, and the mourners can finally honor their dead. Evadne, wife to one of the fallen soldiers takes her own life. A group of young sons of the dead speak to their lost parents. Athena appears to guide Athens and those left behind into the future.


Photos by Hilary McHone