David Greenspan in Target Margin's The (*) Inn

Coming up in May/June 2015, the world premiere of Composition…Master-Pieces…Identity, a new work conceived and performed by Obie Award-winner and TMT Associated Artist David Greenspan.

With his “lively trickster mind” and movement “like origami that knows how to fold itself,” David Greenspan brings us a new signature solo piece. In the vein of The Argument (at TMT in 2007) and Greenspan’s own The Myopia, Composition…Master-Pieces…Identity will bring to life two “lectures” and a “play” by Gertrude Stein.

Stein’s thoughts on artistry and authenticity changed as her own reputation morphed to “celebrity” status. Earlier in Stein’s career, Composition as Explanation expressed her belief that the creator of an authentic work of art is an outlaw until sufficient time has passed for his work to be accepted as a classic. In What Are Master-Pieces and Why Are There So Few of Them, Stein as author of international renown defines an authentic work of art as one in which the artist’s self-consciousness has been suppressed. As Stein’s fame reached mainstream status, her meditation on the relationship between artist and audience yielded Identity A Poem. Greenspan shapes Stein’s heady wordplay as only he can, and the result is a startlingly clear diversion for the senses and for the mind.

Join us at The Connelly Theater, 220 E. 4th Street in Manhattan, starting May 28, 2015.

David Greenspan in Target Margin’s The (*) Inn, 2013. Photo by Erik Carter.

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