Gertrude Stein Lab 2.0

We did like the thinking and the fun of the writings of Gertrude Stein very much, so that Target Margin Theater and many more artists decided to like the writings of Miss Stein even more. Everyone wants to do more exploring and thinking and having fun. Target Margin and the many artists looked at many more writings of Miss Stein and had fun again, thought again, explored again.


Paisieu: A Work of Pure Imagination in Which No Reminiscence Intrude.
Lead Artist: Jesse Freedman
Text: Paisieu
A virtuosic grammar play that may or may not take place at the 1904 Worlds Faire in Saint Louis Missury and may or may not be about turn of the century Race science, Doctor Seuss Doctor Pepper and was Stein a Fascist.

Rose Love Pepe
Lead Artist: Handan Ozbilgin
Text: The World Is Round
Black Dog named Pepe, White Dog named Love and a willful little girl named Rosa. It is their story. Their story of impossible love.

Mrs. Misses Kisses
Lead Artist: Sarah Lurie
Text: An Instant Answer or A Hundred Prominent Men
As we delve into the dissociation between word and meaning and explore the question of synthesis we ask: Who won one. Who won won. Can you colour it to satisfy the eye. What is the word. What is the thing.

Someday Americans
Lead Artist: Patrick Scheid
Text: Americans
Butter, thread, music, puppies and more make up this messy, meticulous meditation on Stein’s Americans. Mmm. Join us as we map out the landscape of Stein’s imagined America. Someday. Now.

Yes is For a Very Young Man
Lead Artist: Jessica Brater & Natalie Robin
Text: Yes is For a Very Young Man
Gertrude Stein loved melodramas. In 1947, she published one. Yes is For a Very Young Man ensnares the “silence stillness and quick movement” of melodrama in a Steinian landscape of language.

I Made a Mistake.
Lead Artist: John Del Gaudio
Text: The Making of Americans / Not Slightly / IIIIIIIIII.
“Slightly painful and really more satisfactorily stinted…
In a particular relief ….
In the rest of piles of candles….
Its not very active.”

Mob mentality that actually makes you find the right angle so that you can hear the text in the correct way that makes you think of cows. The installation rises. The performance sets.

EVENT: Make Your Own Mistake
All day TMT’s John Del Gaudio will be in the theatre, in installation, listening to you.
Anyone can come during the day and read part of
The Making of Americans to John.

INSTALLATION: Portraits of Innovation: Gertrude Stein
Lead Artist: Noah Scalin
Target Margin’s longtime visual collaborator creates a large-scale site specific anamorphic portrait installation in The Connelly Theater. In addition all of the unique portraits of Stein from this season will be on display.

Photos by Erik Carter